Far Right Label shows outside N/A


Hi all,


Trying to use a Likert scale question type (0-10) with an N/A at the end (denoted as a “Not Applicable” type as well). I also want to use far left and far right labels (e.g. Extremely dissatisfied, Extremely satisfied), yet want the far right label to be between “10” and “N/A”. This used to work fine and does work fine in older surveys I have built – just doesn’t seem to be working now.

Can’t see any differences between the question I made a while ago and this one – any reason this could be happening?




Rhys Slattery asked

    I’m not sure if this is the case, but perhaps the theme you are currently using is too narrow to display the whole question on one line?

    You may want to look at the Style page under Layout > Widths/Sizing – specifically the page width and page content width fields

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      • Hi Dominic,

        Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this isn’t the case – tried altering the page width and page content width to no avail.



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