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I have 2 questions about integrating some of Facebook’s functionality with our forms. We are running a contest and would like to use Survey Gizmo to hopefully create a voting page.

1) We would like to keep people from voting more than once, does SurveyGizmo offer the ability to either use a Facebook login so that each user can only vote once or offer the ability to cookie users so it blocks them unless they clear their cache? 

2) Does Survey Gizmo offer the ability to integrate with Facebook so we can create a tab on our page and allow users to vote within Facebook itself?

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Dominic Sharpe answered

    There is not an integrated ability to use a Facebook login in a survey, but SurveyGizmo does have a Login Action that allows you to upload a predetermined list of passwords:


    Aside from that, there is duplicate protection available via either cookie or IP:


    In terms of getting the survey on Facebook, there is not a direct integration in the way that you have described, but SurveyGizmo does offer several embed methods that allow you to place a survey on a web page:


    I hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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