How to extract responses from multiple surveys into one excel file?


I have designed multiple but same surveys to keep in mind different audience groups. However, during extraction of response, I need to be able to extract all responses from multiple groups into same excel file. Otherwise, I have to do the clean-up effort in multiple files. Is there a way I can do that? 

Clair Johnson answered

    Unfortunately there is no easy solution for your current problem.  I think that the best you can do is use filters when you build your exports to help you with your cleanup efforts (

    For the future (if the multiple surveys are identical) I recommend that you create a single survey and then create tracking links for each of the different audience groups.  This would put all of your responses into a single database.  You could then use the tracking links to filter for whatever responses you want (

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Thanks Jim for your response. Appreciated. 

      manav answered

        I can’t do it myself, but we have someone on staff who can do this through Python coding. If you have those resources, you could look into that.

        Clair Johnson answered


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