Extra spacing at the top of questions in mobile view

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I have an issue with question spacing in mobile view on all of my surveys and I am wondering if this happens for anyone else, or if I did something in our template (or something like that) that I need to fix.

When viewing a page of questions in mobile view, each question is a little bit lower on the screen than the previous question.

I discovered that this is because all of the questions on the page are still delivered to the html page, but they are hidden until it is that question’s turn to be displayed. This would be fine except that the margins around each question are not being hidden, so as margins accumulate, each question is lower on the screen.

I came up with a quick fix of adding the following CSS to a survey:

.sg-question {
margin: 0;
.sg-question-title {
margin-top: 1em;

But before I put this in production, I was trying to figure out if I caused the problem in the first place, or if other see this too.


Dominic Sharpe answered

    I can’t say that I’ve seen this – do you by chance have a couple screenshots that illustrate the problem? In looking at my mobile survey (using one of SurveyGizmo’s pre-built themes), all questions seem to be in the same place ion the page (using one-at-a-time) interaction.

    IS commented
      • Thanks for checking. Everything is working fine for me now. I am still not sure what happened.



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