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I need to build a questionnaire including a question with validation answer (in minutes and hours). Eg. How much time do you spend a day doing….? So, I need to have 2 boxes: one for minutes (that cannot accept answers above 60) and one for hours (that cannot accept answers above 24). 

I looked at the tutorial with the RegEx options – but it only has a reference of time (telling time in min/h with a.m/p.m) which does not fit my situation.


Is there anything else you might recommend?


Thank you


Zoe Pascale310783 answered

    One quick solution for this might be to use a drop-down menu (one menu for hours/one for minutes). Since you would be using menus, you would be able to provide all available options for each (allowing resopndents to choose what’s appropriate for them):

    The menus would offer a pretty clean display, too.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thank you very much. It’s a bit more complicated, since I have to create 2 questions for getting a single answer – but I would use this.


      Thanks a lot.

      Zoe Pascale310783 answered


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