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When setting up a sahre of an export the most often that it can be sent is daily in the morning.

Is there anyway that you can have it sent more frequently, say 4 times a day?


Also; I’ve been looking for information on when eactly a daily (each morning) sent is. Is “each morning” at 6, at 8, at 9 or at what time?


/Catharina Brodka

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    Hi Catharina,

    Would it not be easier to provide your clients with links to the export file instead of emailing it to them several time each day? If they have the link they can access the export file at their convenience rather then relying on an external email system.

    You might have your reasons for wanting it emailed several times each day. My tendency is to enable my clients and get them involved whenever possible.

    Also – as to the definition of “morning”.  Someone from SurveyGizmo support can correct me, but I am guessing that they can’t quote a specific time because your delivery will be put in a queue with all of the other survey invitations, reminders, and reports that are being sent from the SurveyGizmo email system at that time. 

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       Ji Jim


      Thnak you for your feedback. I’ll look into the sahre link option and see if taht will work for us.


      And true, so fare I can see that I have been receiveing the daily sends in the middle of the day and not in the morning



      Catharina Brodka answered


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