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I am a university professor using SurveyGizmo for several of my research projects. I have some difficulty downloading raw data; in my case I don’t need any fancy reports, but the ability to download raw data (i.e., scores / individual responses) is a key feature. I see that one can download to SPSS if one has the enterprise version, but this version is very expensive, and with other similar tools, this is a standard feature (once one has a paid version, which I do). 

In any case, I am curious how others deal with this limitation. Do you export the data as a text .csv file and then try to format the data correctly (if so, what are the appropriate settings in Excel in order to import the text data?)

Would appreciate any help with this. 

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Nicolay answered

    Hi Nicolay,

    Could you clarify exactly what difficulties you are having in exporting your raw data?  It might be easier to give you help and guidance if we  have a better understanding of the limitations you are encountering.

    The analysts in my organization typically download CSV files and open them in Excel.  Excel opens this type of file with no special settings necessary.  They either complete their analysis in Excel or import into SAS for more sophisticated work.

    You can learn more in the SurveyGizmo documentation – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/excel-export

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Jim  – it was my fault – using the procedure explained that you pointed at, and then importing to Excel as comma delimited text file produces a good raw data file (i.e., one where each variable is listed in a column and labelled). Thanks! 

      Nicolay answered


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