Exporting contatcs with send status via api


we are trying to create an automated export process through a api system request.
we wish to replicate the effects of the export contats with send status action that appears on the
campagain>Share>contacts(2) page and to download the file automatically.

how can we achieve that?

thanks in advance.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I don’t believe the SurveyGizmo API has an exact return similar to that of the ‘Export Contacts with Send Status’, but you might take a look at the SurveyContact Sub Object (Get List):


    This will return each contact in a campaign with their status in a list.

    Hope this helps!

    yehonatan commented
      • Thanks for the quick response!!

        We need to get the unique URL for each contact, which isn’t shown in the SurveyContact Sub Object (Get List).

        Any other ideas? 🙂


      • Not sure that I have other ideas :/ Maybe if you can elaborate on what your end goal is here, there might be another way of going about it?

      • thanks again for the quick response 🙂
        I need to do an ongoing SMS campaign, so i need the unique url for the SMS sending platform.



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