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Dear Gizmo fans,

I m the happy owner of a professional version of gizmo and i m facing some difficulties with the translation of our survey. The survey was performed in arabic but the default language is in english. When exporting the data to Excel, the question labels appear in english in the first row (that s very good) but the response options appear in arabic (i.e. if the question is “what is the sex of the respondent”, the question label will be “respondent sex” in english and the options will appear in arabic for each interview).


Is there any option to tick to have all response options in English? i have been trying nearly everything and have been looking in the forum but couldnt find a similar request.


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    It sounds like your reporting values contain the arabic text and not the English text. You should be able to go to each question and look at the “Advanced Option Setting” for that question select “Custom” and it will show you what is the reporting values. These can be changed without impacting your survey that is rendered to the respondent.

    Let me know if this addresses your issue.

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