[Solved] Export selection labels instead of numbers


Hi, I need to import data into something like Tableau. Is there a way to export labels instead of numbers?




Sanjeev Aggarwa asked

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    Hi Sanjeev, thanks for posting to Community!

    It sounds like you have some numeric reporting values in your survey. Currently, exports are not able to be configured to use option titles — to do so, you will need to edit your survey Build and change the reporting values back to “Automatic”. This will set the reporting value to be the same as the option title, which will then effect your exports.


    Two important notes:

    • A new export will need to be created after changing your reporting values.
    • One question type in particular, Custom Tables, is not able to have its reporting values edited. To change the exported data from a Custom Table, the exported file would have to be manually edited, e.g. with something like “find and replace”.

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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