[Solved] Export Files (doc, docx, pdf) with extensions



I’m doing what is described bellow to export attachments that survey respondents uploaded.

“If you want to grab all the files at once, you can use the Bulk File Export. This export will create a zip file that contains a folder with all the files uploaded.”


Problem is, the files are being exported without extension. Is there a way to keep the extension while bulk exporting files? 

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Tania Delalande365322 asked

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    I didn’t even know about that Bulk File Export until I saw your post about it, so I tested it out on a survey I have where I had people upload PDF’s and it downloaded all of them with the file extensions for me without any problem.  I know that doesn’t help you, but it makes me wonder if the files that were uploaded into your survey didn’t have those extensions and that’s why you’re not seeing them when you do the bulk download.  If that’s not the answer, you might want to send an email to the sg support team at support@sgizmo.com so they can help you figure it out.

    Chad Wilco answered


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