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I want to export two version of my survey data — one that includes the text reporting values for all questions, and one that instead reflects numeric values. How can I do this without going through and changing each question and mucking up my logic etc.?

Susan Baier asked

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    Hi Susan,

    Dominic was correct, there is not a way to export the answer option titles.  CSV/Excel exports only export the reporting values as you have them defined in the survey.

    I’m sorry to say, the only way to get 2 separate exports of both the answer option titles and the reporting values would be to create your first export, then go through and change the reporting values in each question so they are what you need them to appear as on the second export, then create the second export.  Hopefully this is helpful information

    Tim – SurveyGizmo

    Tim - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hi Susan,

      I’m not sure that this is possible in SurveyGizmo.

      The Raw Data Export always exports the reporting values that are defined for each question. So if your reporting values are the default (same as answer options), that is what you will see in the spreadsheet. Similarly, if you have defined custom reporting values for each question, you would see those custom values in the export.

      I am guessing that you might want this feature for the purpose of providing a ‘key’ for data analysis. If that is the case, you may want to take a look at the Survey Legend feature:


      Hope that helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered
        • Hi Dominic,

          Thanks for your reply. Actually, though, I don’t need this for the key (but thanks for the link). I actually need the data both ways — with the label responses, and with numeric responses — for subsequent analysis and visualization. Appreciate your willingness to help though!



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