[Solved] Existing account is (intentionally) suspended, now I want to downgrade to free plan – but this is impossible


My account is currently suspended by intention.

I today received an email from SurveyGizmo offering “The SurveyGizmo Free Plan“. This is exactly what I am looking for.

When I logged in into SurveyGizmo I was presented with a screen titled “Welcome back! We missed you!“. Below I could choose in a drop down box a plan, but no free plan is offered, instead 25$ per month is the cheapest plan on offer.

When I click on the link “Compare All Plans & Features” a new browser tab s opened, and various plans including the free option are shown. When I click there on “Downgrade” (below the free plan column) I am send back to the initial page, where I (as described above) cannot choose the free plan. I see no possibility to break this loop without subscribing to a plan for at least 25$/month.

Clicking on “Need Help?” in the bottom right corner also sends me to the page where I should chose a plan, so I cannot even contact the SurveyGizmo support.

How can I set my account to the “free plan”?


Victor Terber asked

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    Holly 2.18K Rep.

    Hey Victor!

    Thanks so much for reaching out and letting us know about this issue! We appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

    It turns out that is a bug that our development team is currently working on! I’m so sorry this bug caused you had a poor experience!

    If you haven’t already been helped, please email support@surveygizmo.com and we’re happy to get you into that free account.

    Have an excellent day!

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    Holly answered


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