[Solved] EU safe harbor option with new Article 29 working party ruling


As of Oct 5th the safety harbor provision we used with SG is no longer acceptable.  Are you aware of options that would continue to allow us to use SG in Europe?


For your option to host in the UK… are the actual servers in the UK or is it a pass through to the US where the data is hosted?


Steve Gibso asked

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    Hi Steve, thanks for posting to the Community!

    The best option for using SurveyGizmo within Europe is to open an account in our EU (Frankfort, Germany) datacenter. We’ve only very recently opened this new datacenter and it is currently completely isolated from our US datacenter, so simply moving your entire account over is not a possibility at this time. Check out this document from our Help center (and fill out the survey at the bottom!) for more details on transitioning from the US to EU datacenter:


    And here’s a post from our blog with a few other details:


    Finally, regarding the UK hosting option that we previously had, these servers were intended to improve survey-taking performance for respondents located across the pond. Data was still stored in our US datacenter. With the opening of our EU datacenter, the UK hosting option has now been retired.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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