[Solved] Essay question with long entry being sent as mail being truncated



We are noticing an issue when using an essay text field and having someone filling out a large amount of text, say over 500 words, then using this as the body of a email action.


When this happens we are seeing the emil being sent as a single long line and then causing the test to get truncated.

Is there anything way in the gut or in the emil action that this can be fixed?

Brian Anderson asked

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    Hi Brian,

    After discussing this issue with some very knowledgeable individuals, I was able to gather some helpful information, as well as a potential solution that can be used right now

    Why this occurs

    It seems this occurs because neither our Essay/Long Answer question type nor Email Actions enforce a specific line-length on any text inserted. While most email servers are able to accept this, some that enforce the email (SMTP) protocol more strictly may experience the trouble you describe.

    One possible solution

    One easy to implement solution is to enforce a specific line-length on any Essay/Long Answer questions you intend to include in the body of an Email Action message. The way this can be done is with a small, re-usable piece of Javascript, that may be used in any survey without modification:


    To use this Javascript, simply copy and paste it in to a Javascript Action on the same page as your Essay/Long Answer question. This will cause the question to enforce the Text Box Width setting, found on the Layout tab of your Essay/Long Answer question’s settings panel:

    I recommend a Text Box Width of 78 characters or less, as this will respect the email/SMTP protocol’s maximum line length of 80 characters (and that is the reason for doing this in the first place!).

    Thank you for your great question, and I hope this is helpful for you or others who experience this issue!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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