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I have an open text essay question that we would like respondents to answer.  Under the essay box, I would like to have a checkbox of Don’t Know as an option for the respondent to check.  A valid answer would either be text in the essay box or a check in the Don’t Know box, not both.

I know there are work-arounds for this with a lead in question and then just the essay/text question, but I am looking for a more custom approach for this with scripting.  My initial thoughts would be to add some error text above the question and hide it by default.  Then use scripting to check to see if the textbox AND Don’t know are both checked.  If they are, I was then going to loop back to the same page and now show the error.

Does anyone know of some sort of scripting way to include Don’t know checkbox under an essay question?  I appreciate any suggestions!

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    I think that the combination of essay question and checkbox question might be unnecessarily complicated.  In a similar scenario we used a simpler approach – our script checked to see if the essay question had been answered. If it hadn’t, it inserted a value.

    if (sgapiIsAnswered(26)==”) /two single quotes with no space between
    sgapiSetValue(26,”No answer entered.”);



    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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