Is there a way to have an essay question display in an email?


I’m familiar with Survey Gizmo’s option to embed a 1 question survey in an email, but it is limited to single select questions.  Has anyone in the Community found a work-around that would allow me to include one question and a comment box or simply an essay question embedded in an email?  It’s been a while, but I’m almost certain that when Survey Gizmo sends out their NPS survey, it’s embedded in the email, and after I gave my score, a pop-up box came up for comments and I don’t ever remember being taken to the survey itself.  Would love to be able to do that!




Sheila Bloom answered

    Thanks so much for the reply Marybeth.  That does work as you described and that is as far as I’ve gotten on my own.  I was actually hoping someone in the community might have a more advanced way to present something like a Likert or NPS scale in the email, so the person receiving the email can just see the Likert scale like this: and just click on the answer.


    Rather than:  Click here for Extremely Satisfied.  Click here for Very Satisfied, etc.


    That’s the piece that I haven’t figured out how to format.


    Sheila Bloom answered

      Hi Sheila!

      The embed survey question in an email tutorial works by having a separate link for each option that will automatically record that answer when clicked:

      This means this method only works for single-select questions only.

      While it is technically possible to embed a survey in an email, it’s never recommended as there are thousands of email clients and no way to ensure that the survey will work and record data in all of them. 

      I think the method SG uses is to the same as the tutorial above. When you choose an option in the email (click on a link) it opens a webpage with the survey, auto-submits your choice, and displays the essay question, which gives the impression that clicking on an NPS answer pops up the essay question.

      I hope this helps!

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