“essay” answers very odd


We recently conducted a survey to follow up on a change we made to our website nav bar, etc.  we sent a survey only to our core user group that is very responsive.  We got 119 responses of a list just less than 200 – which is great.  BUT..only one of the questions was “essay” and the answers are SO odd – like someone wrote lines from Alice in Wonderland.  Very strange and disjointed and not at all in relationship to our site, or our question or changes.  Does anyone have any ideas what this means or how it happened? Would survey gizmo know if one person was doing this?  or a couple of people?  Wondering if this is now useless data.

Jim Wetherill answered

    The test responses that SurveyGizmo generates use text from Alice in Wonderland (https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/testing-your-survey#step-2-generate-test-responses).  I suggest that you set your report filters to exclude TEST responses and then look at your reports.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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