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I have a problem with my survey. I designed it such that participants can only click “next” when they have completed a page: they cannot go backward. In doing our tests, we realize that some people still try to go backward by clicking the previous page button of their browser, which leads to an error message and, and no way to go back to where they were at in the survey. This will likely discourrage those participants who do thise mistake, and few will be willing to start the survey all over again.

Is there a solution that skipped my attention?

We would like to launch the survey today!?




Alexandre MorinChass asked

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    Hi there,

    What you have described is unfortunately default browser behavior when someone tries to navigate back through a form that has been set to only move forward.

    There is not a built in solution for this. In the past, I have added a note of caution for my respondents at the beginning of the survey to let them know explicitly to not use the browser back button on the survey because this will cause issues. I have used a text/instruction element to do this:


    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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