Error page not found – That survey doesn’t seem to exist


Hey there,


I’m loading our survey in an iframe on our site (with html). I keep seeing en error in the last page if i filled in the servery:

That survey doesn’t seem to exist…

The web address you typed doesn’t seem to belong to any survey we know about.

It may have moved or been deleted by its owner. You might want to contact them and let them know!

I cloned 62 servey no problem at all and the 63th is just crashing when they want to get the code….


This is the Link from the nothing found page:

This is about an customer survey for Schollin. People filling in a code what they get from the shop, fill the servey in and then they get an other code for a free coffee… this page for the free coffee is giving this problem.


Any idea what might be causing this?



Dominic Sharpe answered

    Does the final page contain any HTML/CSS coding? If so, does removing the code make a difference? Perhaps an element on that page was conflicting

    I imagine that you have been able to work around this problem at this point – I would be curious to learn what you have found out – it will help other folks in the Community if they encounter a similar problem in the future.


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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