Error message when exporting reports in Excel?


Does anyone else receive the error message below when they export reports in Excel?

I have had this problem for years now on every Windows OS I have had on laptops and desktops using Windows XP on up to Windows 10 using Microsoft Office 2003 through 2016.  

When I click Yes it opens the file fine but I have to Save As and it defaults to wanting to save it as an XML Spreadsheet 2003. I have to change the file type to Excel Workbook and then save it. 

This isn’t a big deal when I only download one or two reports but I have to download reports constantly and this extra step is very annoying.  I have notified SG about this many times over the past 3 months but they say no one else has reported this issue. I have already changed/checked my Trust Settings and file extensions. 

If this also happens to you, can you please comment.  

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