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Is there something wrong with the Login/Password Action? I can’t seems to reupload my spreadsheet data to update and/or add the password, there isn’t any option to reupload. So i have to delete the previous Login/Password action and add a new one.

When i did add a new Login/Password Action and uploaded the password for the first time the progress bar that displays the percentage complete are always stuck at 0% but there’s a notification that the passwords are successfully uploaded.

Kindy waiting for your prompt response

edinanoorbnicoid answered

    Dear SurveyGizmo,


    In the login/pasword action, i’ve uncheck the used field in the Edit Password tab, but my respondents still can’t login to my survey. Is there something wrong with this action? I have to re upload my spreadsheet to clear it up, but it made another respondents able to login again after completed my survey, which is undesirable because my survey is to assess the candidate knowledge about several subject. Is there any fix for this? Please help

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      • Hi Edina,

        Thank you for your post! I have opened a Support ticket on your behalf so that we can look into this issue for you. You should have already received an email. Please reply to the Support ticket at your convenience.

        I’m sorry for the trouble!

        We look forward to hearing back from you and investigating this issue.

        Best regards,

        David Domagalski
        Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
        SurveyGizmo |


      Hi Edina,

      We have a fix in the works for this issue. Should be released in the next day or 2. Sorry for the trouble! Thanks for your patience while we fix this up!

      Bri Hillmer
      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

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