Error on crosstab report: frequency higher than # of responses


In my survey there’s a radio button question for the respondent’s job role and a checkbox for responsibilities. 

I did a simple cross tab of roles vs. responsibilities. In 2 of the roles I looked at, the crosstab shows some impossible frequency numbers (ignoring the percentages):

  • For example, there are 7 total respondents in the first job category, but some of the responsibilities show a frequency of 8, 9, 10, or even 12 for that role!
  • Likewise, for a second role there are 10 respondents in that category, but two of the responsibility rows show a frequency greater than than 10.

How can I trust the crosstab reports? Do I need to do any crosstab manually from the big fat raw data export?


research answered

    Good eye, good eye, thanks!

    research answered

      @research : I took a quick peek at your Crosstab report and I think I see what is going on. It looks like the filters you are applying to your Crosstab do not match the filters being applied to the Standard Report resulting in the data discrepancy you are seeing.

      I will reach out to you via email with more detail!

      Bri Hillmer

      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

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