By what entity and over what time frame are API request limits counted?



I’ve been looking over the documentation on API Request Limits so I can do large imports while ensuring I don’t overcome the limit, but I realized there’s some information missing from the documentation.

Namely, against what are these limits counted – corporate account, user account, or IP address? Also, is the limited counted as an average for the month, or is it simply a minute-to-minute timeout? While I don’t foresee it happening, if my application were to hit our limits, I want to make sure we won’t be stuck for the rest of the month, and if so, that it tracks overall API requests. Similarly, how I track it on my end (per user, altogether, etc) depends on how it’s counted on your end.





SG Admin answered

    Hi Jesse,

    One of our Community Moderators alerted us of this post and I thought I would provide some clarification regarding your questions.

    The API request limits are per account rather than per user. Additionally, this is a minute-to-minute timeout, rather than a monthly average.

    We will be updating our Request Limit documentation with this information.

    Thank you for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community – great questions!


    David Domagalski
    Survey Explorer & Advanced Support Technician
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    SG Admin answered


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