[Solved] Entering responses manually into surveygizmo from a print out version of the questionnaire


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For the survey we are doing, not everyone had access to an email address or computer to complete the survey. Thus we have a small number of questionnaires printed out and completed in hard copy format only.

Is there an easy way to manually add in an individual survey response into surveygizmo for these people so we can add these responses to the ones already completed?




LeasaSchwaebe answered

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    No – unfortunately there is no easy way.

    You will either have to open the survey and manually enter the answers as if you were an actual respondent, or copy the responses to a CSV file and import them into your survey (https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/data-import).  In our experience, the manual input option is the best choice, but I suppose it depends on how your survey was structured.  Preparing the csv file for import can be time consuming and has to be perfect.

    Gill Walke commented

      OK, so I’m trying to add them as a individual, but I get the message that I’ve already completed the survey.  How can I enter multiple surveys by hand?


      LeasaSchwaebe answered


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