Enter a list of emails in a survey


We have a survey where we ask the respondent for the email addresses of other people who need to complete the survey (we have one point of contact in a group, but need everyone in the group to submit a response). Asking for comma-separated emails in an essay/long answer question and merging that into the ‘Send to’ on a Send Email action isn’t working (it’s only sending to the first email in the list).

Is there a way to format this so they can copy/paste in a list, or do we need to add a separate email field for each address?

Jim Wetherill answered

    Have you tried replacing the commas with semicolons?

    Another alternative – you can adjust OUTLOOK to accept a list separated by commas.  See the following article for details – https://www.lifewire.com/commas-to-separate-email-recipients-1173680

    Jim Wetherill answered


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