How can I ensure the other (write in) option provides a text box?


I’ve attempted to add an “Other – Write In” option multiple times in different ways (also “Other – Write In (Required)”, but it doesn’t provide a text box for the respondent:

In probably 20 attempts it worked once, but I can’t get it to work again. I’ve tried to add the option with a quick link and manually, and I’ve deleted the question and started from scratch a few times, but it refuses to provide the box. I’m using Google Chrome as my current browser.

AmeriBen HR Consulting answered

    I would like some clarification.  I am assuming from the example you have in your posting that you are using the STACKED orientation for your answer options.  Is that correct?

    Do you have the same problem when you use the HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL orientation?

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Thanks for getting back to me, Jim! I jerry-rigged it and got it working, so I’m not entirely sure now whether it was stacked or not (although it certainly looks like it was). Essentially I just created the same question with radio options and then once it was working I changed it to checkboxes and the question stayed operational. Currently it is in the vertical orientation, probably locked in from the radio option, so I’ll go with that moving forward.

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