How do I ensure a video is watched only once


For my survey I want to show a video, and then on the next page ask a question about the video. Seeing as this is a memory test I don’t want the user to be able to change the time on the video (video controls) and I don’t want them to be able to refresh the page to watch it again.


Is this possible?

therationaliser answered

    No, this would need to be a server-side feature. It is the only way of ensuring the same person does not watch the same (surveygizmo hosted) video twice

    Jim W (Moderator) commented

      This is more of a JavaScript question than a SurveyGizmo question.  It should be possible to find an existing script online that can be modified or develop one yourself that will meet your requirements.  If the player controls are missing it would have to auto-play after a slight delay.  If volume controls are missing this might cause problems for some of your respondents.

      It will not be possible to control the browser’s REFRESH button.  This level of control over a user’s browser would be a major security violation.  It might be possible to set up an event trigger within the JavaScript that would ‘listen’ for the end of the video and then move the respondent to the test page (sgapiJumpToPage). 

      Good luck!

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