How can I ensure a respondent can return to a survey if they loose connection or power NOT using email


We are a professional legacy account

In the event of loss of internet connectivity or power, how can a respondent return to their survey session so that they can review all their responses in one session?

I’ve been waiting on chat for more than 30 minutes, so I’m guessing your chat tool doesn’t work.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    There are a few options for this.

    The Save & Continue feature allows respondents to input an email address and receive a continuation link that they can use to pick up a survey where they left off (I know you mentioned no email, but I wanted to point this out just in case it’s an option):

    Another option is to provide your respondents with their edit links:

    You can place the edit link merge code on one of the first few survey pages and instruct your respondents to copy/save the link just in case. The one drawback is that an edit link takes a respondent to page one of their same survey session rather than picking them up at their last seen page.

    Having said that, even though respondents go to page one – all of the data they had already entered will still be there.

    The last option that you might want to explore is the sguid variable:

    This would require you to create a list of unique sguid values that would need to be appended to you survey’s link. The nice part is that when you use this variable, respondents simply need to click on their original link to pick up the survey where they left off.

    I hope this gives you some options!

    P.S. You posted your question to the SurveyGizmo Customer Community forum rather than to SurveyGizmo Support. If you were intending to contact support, you can do so via these options:


    Dominic Sharpe answered


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