How to ensure a respondee has only 2 attempts to pass a quiz



I’m new to Quiz building in SurveyGizmo (Enterprise). I’m building a quiz with a pass/fail. I need to be able to ensure that the respondee can only take 2 attempts to pass the survey. I’ve looked at Quotas and logic, but don’t know if this can help me. I have an identifying field (email) in my survey. Is there a way to use quotas to only allow my.address@email  to be used twice?

Or are there any other suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

Sue Titmus90 answered

    Thanks Dominic for your advice I’ll take a look.

    Sue Titmus90 answered

      There is not a built-in way to force up to two responses, but there are probably some options for working around this.

      I suggest exploring the SGUID variable option:

      It allows you to set a link as a one-time use link – perhaps you could create two links for each individual?

      Another option might be to use the Login/Password Action:

      This feature allows you to require a password for a respondent to take a survey. If each respondent had two one-time-use passwords, they could not access the survey a third time.

      I hope this gives you a couple of options to explore!

      You can also reach out to SG Support in case they have other creative workarounds to offer:

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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