We have enabled cookies to prevent duplication, but now survey will not allow users to go back and answer previous questions


We built our survey allowing users to go back, but once we enabled cookies to prevent duplication, it prevented users from going back in the survey. We have received a number of complaints that once they hit “back,” they receive a message that they are no longer able to take the survey because it has been completed (even though they did not actually complete the survey). Is there any way to prevent this from happening? We need the survey to be completely anonymous, so there is no way for us to go into the survey and clear specific responses to allow the users to finally complete their surveys. We need a way to enable cookies, but also enable use of the back button. 

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    When you say you built the survey to allow users to go back, can you clarify? Are you using save & continue or are you referring to the Back button on the bottom of the survey page?

    When using the duplicate cookie protect, respondents can use the back button on the bottom of the survey page – they should not use the back button at the top of the browser. Maybe the folks that mentioned running into trouble were using their browser back button instead of the back button on the bottom of the survey page?

    One additional thing to note when using duplicate protection is that if someone does not finish the survey on the first try, if they try to open the link a second time they will not be allowed access.

    I hope this helps clarify!

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