Enable auto-proceed with star rating “one at a time” on mobile


This question was asked here by another user but not resolved:


Is it possible to enable auto-proceed once a selection has been made for start rating questions shown one-at-a-time on mobile? (This function is default for radio button grids). Currently, once a selection is made, the user must also click “next” to proceed to the next question.

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Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    There is not a built in functionality in SurveyGizmo to enable the auto-proceed for a Star Rating Grid question, as it technically is not a single-select question.

    In order to have this happen, you would need to custom-code a solution (likely with JavaScript):


    If you don’t have access to dev resources on your team internally, SurveyGizmo’s Programming Services Team may be able to help:


    Also, posting this to the Community forum (like you have) is not a bad option as other users may have already found a solution for this.

    I hope this helps!

    Lola Gill answered


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