[Solved] Embedding surveys causes every page of our website to redirect to the survey



Every time we try to embed a survey on our site, it causes a problem where every page of our site immediately redirects to the survey link. We first noticed this problem two weeks ago. In the past embedding surveys has not caused this problem, and we have not changed the coding on our site.

We have tried other survey providers and this only occurs with Survey Gizmo, which is quite annoying as we have a premium account with Survey Gizmo but not others.

Please let me know if you know a fix for this or if you need any more information.

Chetan Damani asked

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    Hi there,

    It sounds like you’re using the HTML embed code, which is designed to show the first page of a survey embedded on your page then redirect to the SurveyGizmo page after that.


    We recommend the iFrame embed so that the survey will load inside the frame itself and keep the respondent on your website.

    If you’re not using an HTML embed, let us know at support@sgizmo.com and give us examples of where to look so we can investigate what is going on with your embeds.

    Be excellent to each other,
    Justin Crowe
    Survey Time Lord – Customer Support Hero

    J.Crowe - SurveyGizmo answered


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