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I’ve posed this question to SG support before, and it was mentioned as a future enhancement. I want to pose the question again to see if there is any progress on making the embedded results display more similar between surveys and polls. I’ll explain.

If a user loads a page with an embedded poll they have previously taken/been cookied for, the results are automatically displayed for them. Not the case for surveys. The survey only displays a message noting the user has already taken the survey. I have been forced to create a Report and offer a persistent link to that report (hosted on SG, since the report embed code doesn’t work for some reason).

Any chance you can offer the same results embed config for surveys as you do polls? (We have to use a survey because it fits our needs for a quiz/”best answer” type format.)

Second part of the question: why can I config the Report chart to display count and percentage, but I can’t config the Thank You Page Result Chart Action to display count (defaults only to percentage). Last nitpick: notice that Results Report chart shows fractions on the y-axis—seems strange.

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    Hey Jennifer,


    You are totally correct. I have seen this requested a few time and the more we see it requested the easier it will be for us to make a case for this feature request. Do you know if there is a ticket for your request? If so you should be updated there. If not let me know and I can create one for you.



    Ian Rosenstein

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