what happens after an embedded link is used?


I understand you can embed a link into Gizmo and that it will create a second window for the participant to access. 

With an embedded link in a survey, what happens when the participant goes to the second window, completes an assessment, and then logs out? Does the Gizmo first window operate as an uncompleted survey? If so, can Gizmo be told that once the participant creates the second window, that the Gizmo survey is “complete?”

I do not want the first Gizmo window to close, I just want it to record that it is complete.

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    • Jim this is a reply to my build freezing. Yes it persists. I cannot update a build page. I believe I have set up my account to give access to survey gizmo tech people for 30 days. Do you have any other ideas as to what I can do?


    At what point in the survey is the registrant clicking on the link and opening a second window?

    If I understand what you are asking, it seems that using a REDIRECT action on the THANK YOU page would achieve what you want.  See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details – https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/redirect-to-a-website.

    The REDIRECT ACTION does not open a new window.  The ‘Gizmo’ window will close, but the survey will be recorded as complete.

    If you can’t use the REDIRECT, please provide additional information about the process you are trying to build, and the Community will try to help you.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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