Is there an embedded calendar function for a survey


I have a survey that needs to be administered on 5 different dates.  Is it possible to have the same survey used and the participants select the date on which they are completing it.  By doing so I can collect all data for the 5 administrations in one file and be able to filter who filled it out in which session? Rather than having to compile the data from 5 separate surveys. 

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You can filter the responses by date.  And there is a DATE type question that you can use for this purpose (

    As an advanced option – rather than asking the respondents to tell you on which date they completed the survey, you could create a hidden question (LOGIC > HIDE THIS QUESTION…) and then insert the merge code SYSTEM:CURRENT DATE into the DEFAULT ANSWER field.  Place this hidden question on a page where the respondent is sure to hit the NEXT button.

    Once the respondent has hit the NEXT button, the current date will be placed as the response to the hidden question and will be available in REPORTS for filtering.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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