[Solved] Embed with html but not redirect to gyzmo url?



I am having a survey embed on a external site and everything was working fine using the javascript option. The problem is that I need the “save and continue option” (which is not compatible with the js embed option), but I see that once I log in on the survey it redirects my to surveygyzmo domain. Is there any way to keep my site domain, in this case zooma.se and not redirect to surveygyzmo.com, while answering the survey? 


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    You should be able to use an iframe embed on your site to display your survey and utilize the save and continue feature. The issue with this however, is that the link sent to the respondent will be a SurveyGizmo link.


    If this is an issue, the only other option would be to set up a private domain:



    This will allow you to use save and continue and preserve a similar domain to zoom.se


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