[Solved] Embed a Quiz Score Action Tally in Send Confirmation Email to Respondent



I would like to embed a Quiz Score Action Tally within the outgoing email text of the Send Confirmation Email to Respondent feature.  Within this feature I can see an option to “Insert Merge Code” into the email body but I do not see a merge code for the Tally that I created named “Business Resilience Index Score”.  

Please let me know how I can insert this score as it is key/the whole point of taking the survey which is to receive a score.



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    I think this document should help you accomplish what you are looking for:


    I would also make sure that your Quiz Score Action and Email Action are not on the same page – the email will need to be on a page after the Quiz Score action in order for the quiz details to be available for the email.

    I hope this helps!

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