How to embed form on website so entire form shows on page without requiring scrollbars?


Hello! I’m trying to embed a form from SurveyGizmo on our website but I can’t get the entire form to fit on the page without requiring scrollbars. Is there a way to fix this? 

Jim answered
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    Jim, I’m looking for this answer as well. I’m using the javascript method, and the window created is too small for the poll. We’re using a list of about 20 items to rank (teams) and it shows up outside of the window created by the script.   

    I’ve tried using the iframe method, but for some reason, the content of the poll isn’t showing up in the iframe. I’ve used a different url for the iframe and that shows, so it’s not my wordpress install. 

    If I can control the height of the window to something like 5000px, the entire poll will show. Thank you!

    Jim answered

      It depends on how you are embedding the form.  If you are using iFrame code, you can change the HEIGHT and WIDTH dimension attributes in the code very easily.  The JavaScript embed uses the style settings of your website, so you would have to define the dimension within your site.

      If  you can tell us which method you are using, we can probably give you better guidance. 

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