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I am having trouble embeding an image inside my survey. The image is a chart produced by google using its own tools. The html link is below. The data show per capita carbon emissions for three countries (China, USA and Canada) between 1960 and 2010.



I have tryed different iterations of the codes presented here:


But it didn’t work.

I would really appreciate your help, for I will use this feature often from now.





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    Since that Google chart gives you the HTML you need to embed it, it’s even easier than the SurveyGizmo help article makes it seem. All you need to do is add Text/Media to your survey and paste in Google’s embed HTML into the big textbox on the Media tab (see screenshot).

    The only thing you need to double-check is that on the “Layout” tab, the option for “Automatically verify and fix this question’s HTML” is unchecked.

    The embedded chart won’t appear in your “Build” or “Style” previews, but you’ll see it if you use either the Test or Share links.

    And in case you weren’t aware of how to get the embed code from Google, just click the link icon in the upper-right corner of your chart; a popup will appear with “Paste HTML to embed in website” that has the code you need.

    qc answered

      So I was doing it right, but I was cliking on “Preview” and nothing showed up. Now I see the figure when I use the URL link to the my  survey. Thanks a lot!


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