Email statistics not working correctly in Summary Report


I have distributed an email campaign for our survey Rural SA GP & GP Registrar Survey 2016 and the Email Campaign Statistics feature in the report is not working correctly

The campaign was sent to over 600 people, this is showing correctly in the Delivery Statistics in the actual campaign screen but when the ‘Email Campaign Statistics’ is added to the reports the Total Emails Sent figure is incorrect, it only shows the completed responses and returns an incorrect 100% completion rate.

This problem occurs in any email campaign, not just the survey described below.

Survey: Rural SA GP & GP Registrar Survey 2016

Report: Rural SA GP & GP Registrar Workforce Survey 2016

Email Campaign: GP Survey Campaign


See below screenshots showing the problem described above.

Screenshot of Campaign Delivery Stats from within the email campaign.


Screenshot of incorrect Email Campaign Statistics within the report.


Please us resolve this issue. I have followed the help guide below but there seems to be a system problem.



Ben Trappel


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Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Ben!

    As other SurveyGizmo users in the Community do not have access to your account/reports/surveys, it’s a bit difficult to see what might be going on here.

    My first guess would be that there might be a perhaps a filter applied to the report that is only showing part of the report data (it looks like there might be a couple filters on your report per the screenshot).

    Ultimately this may need to be something that SurveyGizmo Support will need to troubleshoot for you Here are all the support options depending on your plan type:


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