[Solved] Email List vs. Contact List – What’s the Difference?


I am new to SurveyGizmo and I’m trying to understand a Contact List vs. an Email List. We send out an “annual” survey each month. A random mail list is created each month for 1/12th of our member population (and those members are then removed from the pool of members for the next month – thus insuring all are included and no duplicates). It is the same survey with new respondents each month. We want to include custom fields, although at this point we don’t see a need for more than 10 custom fields.


Can someone explain the difference between the two types of lists and why I might want to use one over the other for my situation?



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    An email list can be connected to any survey that you create.

    A contact list is linked to one specific survey.

    An email list can be maintained and re-used over time.  A contact list is basically a one time list.


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      Email list are stored/saved on the Survey Gizmo site for your use in any survey (can be modified as needed).

      A contact list is the same thing but you upload it and store it on your side (your company site or local PC)

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