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I am currently running a survey for my thesis.  I have sent this to my sample using the email campaign facility.

I am encountering some firewall issues and was wondering if there was an advised workaround.

As an alternative to the blanket email from the survey gizmo servers; would it be possible to send each member of my sample a link to the survey platform via my own personal email?  How would this work in terms of identifying one respondent from the next?


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    Yes – this is possible.

    Open your email campaign and go to the DELIVERY STATISTICS page.  Click on the EXPORT CONTACTS WITH SEND STATUS link.  Download and open the file.  Look for the INVITE LINK.  This columns lists the unique links that were generated for all of your contacts.  You can take the appropriate link(s) and send them via your personal email.  The links will work in exactly the same manner as they would if the SurveyGizmo generated email had been delivered.

    If you are sending to more then a few contacts, you can use the status file to help populate a bulk email operation from Outlook (not sure what email client you are using but you get the idea).

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      excellent, thanks Jim

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