Email campaigns with embedded surveys


I am trying to work out whether I can embed a survey within my site and use the email campaign functionality.

I have tried setting up a private domain without setting up the cname so the link actually comes to my site, I then grab the url parameters and passed them to the embed code, basically acting as a kind of proxy (I need the url parameters as I need to auto login the respondents).

This unfortunately doesn’t seem to work as the survey is setup to use the private domain, if I switch the survey back to default after sending the campaign it does work, however having to send out emails with the private domain and then quickly switch the survey back to default is not a real viable solution.


Campaign sends users to my server with the following url:

I then programatically embed the code using the parameters but to the survey monkey url:

this does not work unless I quickly go back to the survey and switch off the private domain, then it does.

Hope this makes sense.


Does anyone have a working solution to this problem or is there an easier way to achieve this?

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seanmcalinden asked

    Thanks for answering Topper, it is such a shame as it would be awesome.



    seanmcalinden answered

      Thanks for reaching out about using the SurveyGizmo email campaign system and the embedded survey in tandem.  Unfortunately these two methods cannot work in tandem, as the email campaign allows you to point the recipient to a link to your survey, but not to the embedded site.

      I have seen people offer the link to the survey, as well as a link to the site where they have embedded the survey to give both options though.

      Topper Shull answered


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