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I am using the language bar for my survey. I uploaded the translation and it is working great. I have translations for my email campaign, but I do not see where to add those translations to get the language bar for my emails. How does this work? It says the browser will automatically pick up the translation if available. How do I make the email translations available?


Thank you!


april answered

    There is no language bar available for emails.  Email clients can only handle very simple HTML formatting – there is no way to add interactive features to your emails.

    You recipients can configure their email clients to translate email to their preferred language ( or, but this is beyond your control.

    Browsers can also translate if enabled to do so by their users, but this will not help with your emails. 

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  

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      That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the clarification.


      Jim W (Moderator) commented
        • You are welcome. We are usually lucky enough to know the language preferences of our targeted respondents and create separate email campaigns for them. Good luck



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