[Solved] Email campaign link sent to respondents but the link opens “You have already responded to the Survey”


The Survey has been launched by email campaign with a follow up one and two weeks later.  Some respondents are successful and able to complete the survey.  To date we have received 2,000 replies or a 30% response rate. Some, however, on clicking the link get the message “You have already completed this survey.”.  It is known that the respondent has not completed the survey. The delivery statistics report “StatusLog-invite-xxxxxx-2015-11-12” shows the response status of the individuals as “Not Started”.  This is a critical issue since I am two weeks into a three week campaign and this issue will alas have an impact on the number of respondents.  As mentioned before, not all respondents are affected.  Explanation, help and guidance much appreciated!    


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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    I have seen this happen before but when it does it mainly because respondents are forwarding the survey links to one-another.

    For example if respondent A filled out their survey (the link is locked). Then maybe respondent B comes to respondent A and says they lost their email with the original link and asks respondent A to forward them their email so they can take the survey… in this case, respondent B would be trying to access the survey using A’s link and would receive the ‘already completed’ message.

    Is there a chance that this is happening in your case?

    Lola Gill answered

      Thanks Lola Gill, this has been helpful.  I have informed the respondents to about the link which is unique to them.  Appreciate your help. Rgds

      Andrew Irven312962 answered


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