[Solved] Email Campaign – Change “Name” of From from Company to Name at Company


Ok this is tricky to explain…


I would like the ability to add a custom field to the start of a ‘From’ line, in front of the company/organization. 


From: Company ABC


From: Britton at Company ABC  (where “Britton” is [custom field 2])


Note: I did not change the email address – and remained with the recommended Survey Gizmo.com alias. 

We tested this internally and the use of the custom field 2 worked everywhere it needed to on the body of the email, but it didn’t work on the ‘From’ line. It still had the proper coding name that was copied/pasted from the Merge Codes. 

Does this imply you cannot use the Merge Code Custom names ahead of the organization like this? 


Hopefully this was explained well. Thank you! (I tried help documentation – but it appeared silent on whether you can functionally do this or not.) 

bbigby asked

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    Certainly explained well 🙂

    Unfortunately some fields in SurveyGizmo are not compatible with merge codes – this being one of them 🙁

    Sorry for the trouble!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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