[Solved] Email action and “finish setting up your logic”



I have an email action with logic set up.  I would simply like to change the sender’s email address but when I do I receive a message “Finish setting up your logic”.  The logic is set up… am I missing something?

Julien answered

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    Hello – There may have been something in the survey that was changed that has directly effected the logic on the email action in question. It would be hard for me to tell based solely on the information you provided here.

    With that said, you could simply disable the current action and build a new one from scratch below (along with any associated logic). This would ensure everything is calibrated properly moving forward. This is probably the first course of action I would pursue.

    Give it a shot!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

      Im in the survey and it continues to twll me to set up logic.  what do I do

      Julien answered


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