[Solved] Editing survey once it has bent sent out to users.


The first question in my survey asks the users to choose their leader from the drop down list. Can I edit this and add another leader or two after the survey has gone out and data has started to be collected. If yes, will this cause an error in the currently collected data. There are about twenty users who cant take the survey because their leader was omitted from that first drop down box.

If it can be edited an added which it looks like it can, do I need to resend the survey to those twenty users or will it automatically update the survey they already have.



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    Adding answer options is fine per this article:


    Whether you need to resend the survey to those individuals will largely depend on how the survey was distributed to them in the first place.

    If you send an email campaign and those respondents have opened the survey, they will be locked into that survey as it existed when they first opened it – would not see your updates. You may need to add them as a new contact to the campaign and send to them again after making your changes.

    If everyone is using the ‘default’ link from the Share page, they would see your updates (the updates can take a few minutes to show on the survey).

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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