Editing individual fields in contact form – not working


I’ve created a contact form question.  I can see “Edit” above each field, but when I select one, the only editing it defaults to is the phone number – I can’t seem to access any of the other fields.  I want to validate using RegEx for the email AND phone number fields, but I have to be able to open each in edit mode.  Can you help?

Margie Hertneck answered

    Thanks for being so prompt – I cleared the cache/cookies and that did the trick.

    Margie Hertneck answered

      This type of strange behavior might indicate some faulty HTML on the survey page. Have you added any HTML to your survey? If so, you may need to review it and make sure that there are no html tags that are still open.

      You might also consider clearing your cache and cookies, in case this has something to do with the browser.

      Hope these suggestions help!!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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